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Sunday, March 25, 2012


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I can tell you had so much fun! the poochies miss you. ;-) Lovely tree!!! Spring has sprung!


Love your tree! No blooms here yet. My husband figures he will need to mow the grass next weekend. What an early spring we are having! I'm going to toss some mixed flower garden seeds along the edge of the backyard/woods and see what comes up. I thought I'd be doing more gardening this spring but going to have a little surgery so the gardening is out til June at least. That's okay cause I can still stitch flowers in wool or cotton. LOL!


Lovely tree....I like your swan mode comment. Love to work in the yard and tend the flowers....just hate the allergy problems that I have this time of year.
So enjoyed your NYC trip. Favorite pic was the Mary Poppins trick..thanks for sharing.


Arabella, please. Love your blog.

Kathy Biggs

Your little tree is beautiful! And yes, we do garden. It's too early here for most of what we grow, but the lettuce, spinach, sugar snap peas, beats, carrots and radishes are in. We don't usually do carrots, but one of our daughters gave us a package of heirloom seeds for Christmas, and they looked fun. They are a round carrot. Can't wait to see how they turn out. I will post some pics on my blog later in the year. Oh, and our strawberries are in full bloom and setting berries. Better not have a late freeze!

Karen Lieberman

I've done just some raking sticks up, but it's getting cold and wet out there so I'll wait a little longer. Glad you enjoyed NYC so much!


How fun you could coordinate with Victoria! You deserved a vacation:)


Way too early up here for gardening. Sadly, our temps are back down to normal for this time of year. A couple of nights of below freezing in our forecast.

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