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Saturday, March 17, 2012


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Sarah in Houston

No, I'm not Irish. In fact, I really don't like St. Patrick's Day. I don't know why, but I have a real aversion to it. My nieces are Monaghan's though and have gorgeous red hair. I do love them a lot. Are you going to get to see a St. Patrick's Day parade in NY? that would be fun.

Laura Wasilowski

All us O'Wasilowskis are Irish and we've got the blarney to prove it! Have fun!

Carrie P.

You two must be having a great time.
No Irish in my family.


Yep, with family names of McCabe and McElhatton, sure am!

Jill Hicks

I am Scotch, not Irish, but we can all be Irish for the day!


Way back in there is some Irish - know for a fact that on St. Pat's day my name always becomes O'Currie. Judy C


Yes, I have Irish roots. Learned that when my cousin began doing genealogy in 1996. My ancestor is Isaac Linn born in County Cork, Ireland sometime around 1800. His wife was Mary McVey, born in Scotland. I loved it when I learned we had "roots" as when teachers asked us to do a report on our heritage I didn't know we had any. LOL! My grandpa always said we were "Heinz 57". :-) Visiting Ireland is on my "Bucket List".

Lynne in Hawaii

I am purely muttly! But it does include a wee bit o'Irish!


Scotch-Irish English Swiss-German Cherokee and probably something else. I'm celebrating 3 ways:
a corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and onions meal
entering giveaways via the quilting gallery (liked that fabric styles post from TH)
hand quilting
Know that you guys will have fun!

Linda P

EVERYONE is Irish on St. Paddy's Day!!!
My dad was Scots/Irish, so I claim a bit. Do you know the response to: "Top O' the morning to you!" It is: "...and the rest of the day to you" I always liked that!!

Cute pic of you two!

Cindy Dickinson

Yes, Irish on Dad's side. I LOVE St. Pat's Day and even more fun to celebrate quilting on the same day!


Yes have some Irish in me... on my Paternal Great Grandmother's side! Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Debbie Gallett

First husband was Irish. Hope you are taking the the St. Patricks Day Parade in NYC. We went once when we lived in CT.

Linda Dutcher

My father always said we were "swamp Yankee". Maybe that includes a bit of Irish. Anyway, aren't we all Irish on St. Patrick's day? Have fun.

Deb Fox -McHugh

Hubby is! does that count?


No, sorry, I'm half Finnish and half Italian - no Irish in the mix. However, I am happy to help Irish people celebrate today and will be watching the NYC parade. Maybe you'll be on tv?!

Hope you have a great time celebrating St. Patrick's Day in New York!


YES I AM! with ancestors emigrating from Louth, Cavan, & more places. Can't wait to see pics from your NYC St. Patrick's day experience.

Carolyn Harris

Oh, luscious giveaways, Pat. FQs & shades o' the green to take one's imagination away, away, away.


I sure am Irish.My Hubby and I went to an awesome St. Paddy's Day Parade Friday night where all 68 floats had lights. Great evening, great parade for a very small town here in Canada


Happy St. Patty's Day to you and Gregg. And, Happy Quilting Day too.
No, I am not Irish...my Dad was Italian and my Mom was German. But, I have a lot of Irish friends....does that count? (LOL!
Enjoy the day!

Karen Lieberman

Yes I am, my grandpa was Irish! (and English, German, & Tasmanian)
That's right! LOL My grandma was born in Tasmania!

Sharon Griffith

Yes I surely am!!! Happy St. patty's Day Pat and Happy Quilters Day!!!

Betsy Albertson

Forgot to say, nice pic of you and Gregg!

Betsy Albertson

No, sorry to say, I am not, but love everything about St. Patricks day right down to the green beer!

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