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Saturday, February 25, 2012


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A current star that could play me in the movie version of my life would be Melissa McCarthy, funny, fat & sassy! And if I go for looks I'd love to pick Sandra Bullock, she can be so irreverent!

As for a kiss, OMG I pick Mark Harmon. I currently have a standing date with him every Tuesday night!! My friends at work laugh every time I say this but it's soooo true!


Playing me - Sandra Bullock - leading man kiss Harrison Ford


I don't know a lot of actresses to pick from, but maybe Ethel on I Love Lucy could play me. I'm not star quality but might be okay as the second string. LOL! And...no other kisses for me except from my husband.

Joyce Carter

I would love for Julia Roberts to play me. She is a great actress! And the kiss would have to come from Kelvin Costner.


I think that Bernadette Peters should play me. And, I would love a smooch from Antonio Banderas.

Katie Chapes

Yes! Finally someone writes about girl.

Kristin M

Julia Roberts as she can be so awkward and so real.

Diane FIelds

Who would play me? I think Amanda Tapping would do a great job at that. As to who to kiss, I'll stick with my hubby!

Kelly Lamb aka Sew Lambitious LLC

I'm a fan of Sandra Bullock, but my friends use to say I looked like Goldie Hawn in a way. The person I would "kiss" is hard to choose! George Clooney, Kevin Costner or Richard Gere. Thank you for the additional entry.

Holly Fitzpatrick

Who would play me, now that's a hard one.... I'm going to go with Renee Zellweger because of how funny she was in Bridget Jone's Diary. To kiss....I'm still a big Richard Gere fan!

Jill Hicks

Sally Field will play me and I will kiss Paul McCartney.


kiss jim caviezel, be still my heart. what was the other question? ;>)

Marlene Rutherford

Poppy Montgomery or Meg Ryan in the story of my life and to kiss would be Jim Caviezel, hmmm, hope his wife doesn't mind.

Cindy Dailey

How about the Julia Roberts character from Pretty Woman...she was so much fun!

Sarah in Houston

If I have to pick, I want Susan Sarandon to play me, but I really want to be the one to kiss Kevin Costner! lol


Ashley Judd. She can kiss...let me ponder that one...

Debby, Chester NY

Sandra Bullock for me. And Russell Crowe to kiss. I saw him & his band perform live twice and was as close as 10 feet away, but alas, never did get that kiss.

Chester, NY

Donna W

I think it would be Meryl Streep----she is so wonderful and can make any one look good


I think I would like Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts to play me, both are lovely, tall, slim and classy ladies! My kisses belong to my DH only!
Your patterns are soooo cute! Love them!

Jacklynn Grimm

Who would play me in the movie of my life - Melissa Mc Carthy - 'cuz we're both big gals. And to kiss - someone tall, dark and handsome like my hubby - I'll take George Clooney!


It would depend on if it were a young me or older me... Amy Adams or Meryl Strepp....as for the kiss David Boreanaz
Or Hugh Jackman....are tied, though I did think George Clooney and Mel Gibson also.


I would want Sally Fields to play me. And of cource I would want to have Tom Selleck kiss me

Marilyn S

Who would play me in a movie...can't think of her name but she played the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz ;-) And don't kid yourself...lots of people would agree, green makeup and all. As for a kiss...Colin Firth is kind of snazzy. MS


I would go for Sandra Bullock, I just love her films. And to kiss? Never thought of that. My sweetheart for sure.

Sandra V

Sandra Bullock all the way. As for who to kiss they are saved for my husband only.

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