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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Elizabeth McDonald

My favorite Valentine was my very first sewing machine -- it was definitely a life changer!

Daniela Martisovitsova

My most favorite Valentine was from my son when he was , I think, in second grade. Hand drawn card with many hearts.


I can't remember any Valentines presents but I think just spending time with my family this year and watching my children interact with their grandparents with such joy was the best Valentines day ever!

Deb R

My memorable valentines was two years ago when my hubby gave me a pandora heart for my bracelet...first and last time lol


Hi Pat! One year my husband bought me a bare root rose bush and handed it to me (I thought it was a weed he had yanked up out of the yard!) I asked him what it was? Oh a rose bush...later that night I sprayed on my new perfume and put a cute nighty on...our kids were still up so it was family appropriate...he asks real loud and very serious...did you just spray bug spray in the room? Threw away the nighty...and threw the rose bush directly at him! Hahaha...true story...
We've been married 31 years...thankfully both of us have a good sense of humor!

Kathryn Duke

my favorite Valentine's were when I was little and daddy would give me and my sis red lacy little girl undies...special memories!!

Mom C

This year my husband walked into my sewing room on Valentines. He had one sickly looking red rose. He said, I know we said we weren't doing Valentines but someone left this at work so it's for you.When I finally got it in water that night it promptly wilted and by morning it was pretty much dead. Love the fabric.


My worst valentine day-- Received a ticket for speeding -- I told the officer thank you that was all I was getting for Valentine Day - He didn't even crack a smile. BTW I haven't gotten a ticket since then so I guess I learned my lesson


this year!!! hubs went back to work after 2 mos of post surgery recovery.(you know it's all about me) :>)


Not quite a Valentine's gift, but I got a diamond ring the night before last year! :)

Lisa Green

My favorite Valentine ever has been my sweet grandaughter Sophia...born 2/16....My first grandchild and the BEST gift ever!


My best Valentines is when I receive Caramels!
thanks Pat for sharing!


Krista Y.

My least favorite valentine is the same thing I get every year: Nothing!

Susan M

My favorite Valentines are the ones my kids made when they were little. I still have them all. My kids are all grow with kids of their own.


My favorite Valentine was a heart necklace my Dad gave me.

Sheila Nichols

My favorite valentines were the heart shaped boxes of candy my father would bring home to my mother, my two sister and ME every valentine's day when I was growing up! We always looked forward to Daddy walking through the door on Valentine's Day. My father died a few years ago. He left me with wonderful memories.

Jean Blythe

My favorite valentine?? The Peanuts valentine my hubby gave me when we were newly married.

kathy h

My favorite valentines were the homemade ones that my kids made me.


Loving your storage and organization tips. Best valentines are homemade!
Thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric

Dee Johnson

My favorite valentines were always the ones my kids and grandkids made for me - gotta love that!


My best Valentine gift was a sweet Valentine card from my Dad when my first year in nursing , he was away working and I just thought it was so sweet of him to think of me as it is actually his birthday !


Hmm... Best Valentine's gift was daffodil bulbs in bloom... my favorite flower!

Becky Greene

My favorite Valentine's gift involves my high school fundraiser selling carnations. An ex-boyfriend gave me a red carnation (red = love), while my current boyfriend only gave me a pink one. I guess the pressure worked, because I have been married to the pink-carnation giver for over 25 years!


My favorite Valentines were the ones my daughter made in elementary school.

Lisa Marie

The best valentines were the ones my son made for me when he was in elementary school. So sweet.

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