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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Cheoy Lee

Favourite Valentine was a poem written for me (I'm sentimental that way!) least favourite? A MUG.


My best fnreid is Cheryl. She lives half-way across the country, too. She made her first quilt recently.


Audrey, I tghohut about you while making this video! I was thinking, I should go nag Audrey and see if she will post a video of her quilt -my ESP worked!!! I can't wait to see your video and your quilting


incredible!!! wish I was there to see them in pseorn and to see the looks on Mum and Dad's faces!Miss you always, but specially at this time of yearxoxo


I love your qulits! And I love how obsessed you are I can almost always count on something new and delicious every time I visit your blog


new to your blog and love every post! so iinsirpng to know that you only started quilting recently. THANK YOU for a wonderful blog.


I am still tirnyg to figure out what I am gonna be when I grow up. Is it bad that I am in my mid-30s now and I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up?


I saw Pat play 4 years ago in a trio with Antonio Sanchez and Christian McBride. Wish he had pelayd Phase Dance -- it's one of my favorites too. They did do Bright Size Life though. My other favorite from the PMG 'white album' is 'Jaco'. Love Egan's fretless bass solo on that one.


life. Leave a Comment My ferind Nicole recently ran the Chicago marathon. You can read her story, "Chasing Garbage Trucks (a marathon story)" at her blog, Five Penny Nicole. It's really moving. Nicole is a fellow Chicagoan who also moved to Madison, so a lot of what

Robin (RsIslandCrafts)

My favorite gift was this years. I bought myself a 7.5 quart dutch oven. I have been looking at and pricing them for a few months now.

I have requested that my husband no longer buy me anything that costs more than $20. I love him but he has terrible taste when it comes to gifts.


Every Valentine's Day is the best, as my husband brings me a plant (sometimes with flowers!) every single year...even this year when he had the flu, he snuck out of the house and brought me a "green" gift with a card that says simply, "I love you."


Tragically, I think my least favourite Valentine's gift was this year - when I mentioned to my husband that this will be our 19th Valentine's Day together, he jokingly mentioned that you get less for life (as in life sentence!). Umm, not the romantic spirit I was hoping for, hahaha! At least I am used to his joking around - in reply, I embroidered a page of hearts for him with the following words: meh, I've had worse! Lol I guess we need to work on the cupid's day romance!!!


My favorite valentine was this little glass jar filled with red, pink and white scraps of paper and hearts. Each scrap and heart had little "messages" to me from my son, like "love you", "you're the best", "hugs", etc. I still have it on my dresser :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Graças a vocês estrangeiros,agora eu comemoro duas vezes por ano Dia dos Namorados,obrigado.Aqui no Brasil é 12 de junho;véspera de Santo Antonio.Santo casamenteiro.Acho que só por esta informação(cultura inútil?)mereço ser ganhadora,KKKKKK.Beijos e Bençãos.


The first year we were married, my new husband made me a card. He hand painted it. Very creative, unique, and never repeated.


My most memorable Valentine was the time my fiancee sent me flowers for Valentine's Day--TWICE! Once to say he loved me and then, later that day, a 2nd time to thank me for not being upset that he was spending Valentine's Day at a Dodger game instead of with me!!!! What a guy!

kathleen c

My favorite was an African Violet plant from my older brother..It was the first year I moved back to my hometown and the first year my daughter was 1000 miles away at college.
I love the fabric! and I've never used Aurafil thread and I'd love to try it. Thanks!

Joye Cox

I think favorite Valentine's gifts of mine were ones my dad gave me when I was a child. Over the years he gave me several heart-shaped boxes of chocolate with a small doll attached. After the chocolate was gone I still had the doll. Their dresses were always color coordinated with the box (and not all were red). I remember there was even a blue one--her dress and even her hair was blue. For some reason I named her Martha Washington!

Richard Healey

My favorite Valentines gift was Flowers that my wife gave me.

Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.


Flowers are always my favourite Valentines gift, followed closely by chocolate.


My favorite valentine's are the cards and paper flowers my son has given to me when he was young. I can picture him cutting and pasting to put it together..... good memories.


Sadly, my least-liked valentine is the candy in those heart shaped boxes - DH gets me one every year and I can't eat most of the candy in them. :-( But, I do love the Valentine's day cards he gives me!


this giveaway is too fabulous not to leave a comment for a chance - so my worst valentines was this year - I received a phone message in the morning wishing me a happy valentines day and saying that I had a surprise coming and then later that night my partner turns up with two cans of beer - one for him and one for me and it turns out my valentines gift was the can of beer !! I figure it can only get better but I'm not holding my breath :)


My favourite Valentine is one my youngest gave me in the fall - it covered many holidays! Valentine`s day and Mother`s day all in one!

Lisa Mair

My best, or perhaps is it my worst, was last year when my husband declared (after my daughter asked him what he had gotten me) "I'm not buying her anything, Valentine's Day is a croc. I love her everyday and I'm not spending money to show the world I think she's special'.
What a great Valentine's gift.

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