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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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Mary T. Salmon

Hi Pat!
I learned to sew from my mother. She did not actually "teach" me to sew. She was always making vestments and things for the church...sewing was a constant occurence in my house. Thanks, Mary

Jane Bitz

My Mom taught me to sew on my Grandma Anna's Singer treadle machine. My Grandma Helen taught me to cross stitch on a printed pattern, then how to embroider. Helen and her sister Clara grew up in a Catholic orphanage until they were old enough to work. Both of them made lace and embroidered pillow cases. I have many of them safely collected and have thought about how I could use them in a quilt. I still love to do hand work, mostly embroidery to embellish my quilts.

Mary Jo

I taught myself how to sew when I was about 9!! I had hand sewn a few things but wanted to use the big machine!! My Mama told me I was too young! She would go to the beauty shop once a week and during the summer, I would get her machine and instruction manual out and practice while she was gone, then put it up before she arrived back home. I only sewed through my finger ONCE with machine, right next to the index fingernail and it went all the way through my finger! Couldn't even tell her about it because I thought I would get in trouble! Imagine her face when I presented her with the first blouse I made! She THEN told me that if I had told her I wanted to learn she would have shown me! Sheesh!!!

Terry Sams

I learned to sew in HomeEc class in 7th grade and then got moe help from a wonderful neighbor.


Happy Birthday, hope it was happy. I usually have dinner out (no cooking) and get phone calls from my kids, great!!


happy happy birthday! for mine my mom took me and my son and my sister and her kids to the childrens museum, a great lunch and then playing cards at naptime- then i went home and had a lovely dinner with my husband! hope you had a great one too!

Evelene Sterling

Happy Birthday Pat and many more!

Marianne King

I learned to sew when I was 11 years old. By 4H leader Ms Abke in Hemlock Michigan. I made an outfit and got to model. Also entered my outfit in the fair and one a first place ribbon.

I still sew today along with my crafting, embroidery, gardening and flowers. Still at it today taking classes or joining sewing or embroidery groups. Mostly, learning on my own.

Erin Hutchinson

I learned from my mother-in-law right after my first son was born. She and I have NOTHING in common, so, to avoid killing her when she was getting on my last (hormonal) nerve as I recovered from my c-section and adjusted to being a mom, I asked her to teach me how to make a quilt. I'm so glad I did - not only did I find a passion, but now we have ONE thing in common. :)


My mom taught me to sew (as well as teaching my brother). I didn't really understand how to use a machine, though, until I did a costume sewing class in HS.

Debbie G

I learned to sew as a member of 4-H. My grandmother was also an inspiration as she sewed EVERYTHING. Since I started quilting, I don't make clothes any more. I just made a couple pair of pjs for a friends little girls and don't miss the clothing sewing. Love to quilt.


Happy Birthday Pat! On my birthday I too take the day off and go out to eat for dinner. I like the idea of going out for all meals that day.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday, with us :-) I learned to sew in Home Ec, as no one in my family ever sewed. My favorite color....... hummmm, so many. I love red, and pink, and blue. I am currently reading The Wedding Quilt as a book review ;-D Have a great day!!


My grandmother taught me while she was dying of breast cancel when I was a young teenager. I think my love of sewing comes from that time spent with her more than the actual sewing sometimes! We spent days piecing tiny 2" fabric squares by hand while she told me the "stories" of the fabrics.

Cathy Leitner

Happy Birthday Pat!!! Have a great one. Any plans, outside of working???


Happy Birthday! For my birthday I refuse to do any chores and get to choose my favorite meal:) My dad's girlfriend taught me to sew on a machine when I was a little girl. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I had been hand sewing tube dresses for Barbie, now she could be a little more sophisticated:)


I took a class while I was in college! The book looks awesome! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Sue Bland

Happy Birthday Pat!! Have a wonderful day! I learned from my grandmother and mom. Then I taught one of my daughters and her daughter. Passing the fun along!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!!! My Mom was a fabulous sewer so I learned from her when I was very young. She also taught me embroidery, also done when very young. I wish she was still alive - she would love the quilting and hand work I'm now doing.

Donna Russ

I learned to sew in the eight grade Home economatics Class,(Mrs. Hamrick) I won first place on the dress I made. My mother taught me to hand sew we would Quilt pillows, but she didn't tell me it was quilting, she said its just following the lines with a straight stitch...lol

Sue Hart

I learned to sew from my Grandmother and Aunt. Grandma would make me dresses when I was young - she would cut the patterns out of newspaper and design her own! She also crocheted and did rug hooking on burlap bags and designed the patterns.
I even learned to knit clothes for my Barbie dolls.
My grandma and my aunt were always making things for the Church Fair, a favorite were
the aprons that they made and they always inspired me to join in.
We would sew together on Saturdays and also bake. Saturday night was bread making night, we would mix the bread in the old bread mixer and it would rise all over the table the next morning, the aroma would be throughout the house!
When I was taking home-ec in Junior H.S. Dad bought me a $99. Singer sewing machine so that I could hem his work pants. I loved home-ec and continued it through high
school. I became very interested in making my own clothes and from this started to do quilting.
I will always remember the wonderful time I had sewing with them. We also worked in their beautiful gardens when the weather was good.

Diana Bracy

I learned how to sew from taking a class given by the Singer Sewing Company, in 1979. The class was a six week beginner course and I continued on, for years. I met so many wonderful friends there and it became a social gathering, since we had all learned the beginner courses, years earlier.
I also purchase my first electronic sewing machine, there and it was a a whopping $700.00, in 1979! I have since given up sewing clothing and on to quilting in 1996.

Jackie Fitzgerald

My Italian Mother and God Mother (aunt) Mary taught me to sew at a very young age. Aunt Mary lived with us and every afternoon they would sew something, weather handwork outside under the pear tree or inside on the singer. They made clothes, draper, slipcovers for the new furniture and knitted sweaters and blankets for the beds. It was a wonderful experience and I have passed it down to my daughter.


I really began sewing with a machine when I was in Junior High School and took a Home Ec. class. My mom gave me my first "very old" sewing machine when I was 13. I made my wedding dress, many "prom" dresses and everyday clothes on that machine. I had been sewing by hand and making doll clothes for several years before that.

ellen k

My mom was not a sewer, so I was inspired by my first son's gift of a trip aroundthe world quilt. Being home with a new baby, I watched quilting shows, and then kept going. I got a job selling sewing machines and have learned so much from coworkers, friends and students!

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