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Friday, September 30, 2011


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true religion outlet

For a long time I covered up the neighbor's chain-link fence with Morning Glories. A fabulous show. Granted, one afternoon I heard a little child ask her Mommy "What are those plants on that lady's fence?" and Mommy answered "Weeds," but that sting went away by the next morning.

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"For the boys...East Coast Dominicans" A great group (a college friend of mine is one of them, teaching at Providence College in RI) "For the girls..." Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George, (out of Alton, Il. - a mouthful, but a terrific younger community) or the Nashville or Ann Arbor Dominicans (I seem to remember that a sister of the Fathers Hopkins, LC, is a member of the Nashville community - I think she was vocations directress for awhile - interesting that she joined there, huh?) There are good alternatives, offering REAL religious life out there!

Brenda Howard

The quilt on my bed was cut, pieced & quilted by hand by a family friend's mother. She gave it to my mom for helping her daughter while ill. I fell in love with it when I first saw it and my mother never liked it (too bright)I was about 18 at the time (I'm 52). It is a scrappy 4patch with orange sashing. The blocks are finished size 11"x12". The sashing is 1 3/4" wide and it is set with 5 across and 6 down so it fits my X-long twin hospital bed perfectly.

Judy C in NC

I have gone to a neutral spread/comforter on the king bed and on any given day - a different quilt shows up laying across the bottom. Right now is a stars quilt done in Celon blue and tan with blue and tan plaid pillow shams. Judy C

Sharon Andersen

Right now I have a beautiful Lone Star Quilt a very good friend of mine made for me about 12 years ago. She is now 87 and still quilting, just not as much as she use to. Mom D., as I call her, made many quilts for many of her friends/family, but never one for me until one day she showed up at my door with a king size quilt!! It's been on my bed every since. She gave me explicit instructions to put it on my bed and not to worry about it getting worn, she had made it to be used, not to be stuck away somewhere where it could not be enjoyed. Mom D., also taught me how to sew and quilt when I was about 18. I'm now much much older!! ;) and still trying to perfect my techniques!


I have 3 quilts on our bed, a Scrappy Log Cabin that my mother-in-law made for us, a few years ago, before I even started quilting.. yes it is getting a little thin, but it's still in good shape. The second quilt is one I made for my hubby, "Wildlife", it has moose, deer, elk, bears and trees on it... he loves hunting and he loves trees. The third quilt is my quilt, it was a mystery quilt that I made about 3 years ago, called Gems in the Rough.


Ooops, I put this on the wrong post...That would be a store bought two tone blue comforter on my bed. Really lame I know. Sorry, Pat it's nothing exciting, but it's warm. Sometimes too warm it seems. Thanks, Kd - www.KdQuilts.com


On my bed are 3 quilts that I rotate. The one in view is my Iris quilt which I pieced using freezer paper templates and hand quilted. It matches my Iris water colors over the bed.

Debbie Rhodes

The quilt on my bed is my very first bed quilt. A double pinwheel using E. Burns book. I think it will always be my favorite because it was my first.... yellow and blues.


I'm about to post a proper side dish to go with the elephant stew... so stop on by! hehe!

Carla G

The quilt on my bed is one my mom made for us as a wedding gift 13+ years ago. It is made in blues & purples with music fabrics.

LJ Meyers

My quilt/comfortor on my bed I made 30/35 years ago. It was a machine quilt where you made the blocks - mine are about 28" - and you quilted each block and then joined them together. I wanted a particular color of sea green and cream and could only find that color in poly/cotton blendable fabrics. The instructor thought I should use 100% cotton but I was adamant about my color choice. Not the best results but we've had it on the bed when I finally finished it - took me 2 to 3 years!!

Jean MN

For the winter I have a jewel tone (purples, reds, oranges, and blues) log cabin quilt for my bed. For the grandkids bed is a jewel tone nine-patch with black as the offset color. Ours I made and the other my sister made, both are special and trade off on which bed they are on, hence why I mention them.


We have floor to ceiling windows and no curtains in a bedroom facing west...so the bed gets full sun all day and any bed cover would fade. So, its just cream wool blankets for us...no precious quilt. I have a little quilted eye mask though!

Jodi Guerrero

Hmm well it's so hot now we're not using a quilt when sleeping, however, when I make the bed (hehe) I have a WIP. It's a queen size with hand appliqued hearts in a rainbow setting. (the different colors) I'm hand quilting it so it's all set when I want to sit and quilt.

Thank you, Sullivan's and all the bloggers in the hop. I really enjoy hops as I'm always introduced to new creative people as well as learn along the way.



I have a jewel tone (purple, green, turquoise and dark pinky mauve) hand-tied with turquoise knit-crocheen crocheting thread, and galloping goose quilted along the edge log cabin quilt that was the first one I made and entered into the fair. I won Sweepstakes!
I LOVE your amazing invention. I'd LOVE to win one of them.

Sandra Parsons

Hi Pat, I have a handpieced, handquilted "Kansas Sunflower" quilt. My penpal in Georgia sent me the book several years ago, I think the title is " Quilts from the Depression" and I managed to use a lot of fabrics from my stash, only buying the background fabric and backing. :)

Linda in PA

The quilt on our bed is a king size Yellow Brick Road pattern done in greens and beiges. The backing is a burgundy background with beige, green, and gold florals.


It's a stack n whack in mostly pastel blues, pinks, yellows in sheeting fabrics & handquilted. I know, how did I come up w/that brillant plan. Didn't know better then. I was using a leather thimble at the time & think I wore out 3 just on this quilt.


I have a Double Wedding Ring made by hand in the mid-1930's on my guest bed. I love walking by the room all day long and see it in all it's glory. I bought it at the Tucson Quilt Show in 1997.


Two quilts actually. A log cabin I made approx. 30 years ago and a lovely flower print I won in our quilt guild raffle several years ago. This one is still new enough to be decorative.


The quilt on one of our beds is a design from Thimbleberries with a nine-patch and sticks and stones.


I can't post to Lizzie B or Spring Water Designs either. Right now I have a charm pack quilt along quilt on my bed. It is in the process of being quilted and needed to lay it out somewhere while I took a break.

Cloud Mom

My blue and white summer quilt is on my bed since I am not ready to switch to my fall basket quilt!


I don't actually have a quilt on the bed right now. :( just a comforter from Tar-jay.

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