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Friday, August 26, 2011


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Donna Baker

I just found you via Youtube (free motion quilting videos) thanks! I love MAC Cosmetics!

Sarah in Houston

Lemony fresh Vel! That's what your picture reminds me of. The fabric looks wonderful.


Origins is great. Also have used Avon's mineral makeup powder and shadow. There is a local mineral based brand here in Alaska called CORE, not sure if it is available outside though.


Glad someone knows the important answers bout makeup, but it all sounds like latin to me. I go for fabric, it's safer.

pat sloan

i used to have that MK, thanks HM!


I have used Mary Kay for years and still love it!

pat sloan

I'm going to try it!

pat sloan

A lot of people like that!

pat sloan

i will check them out Cara.. thank you!

pat sloan

Thanks Diane!

pat sloan

ahhh... you know what works for your skin... good for you!

pat sloan

I'm going to give it a test!

pat sloan

Red Rose Farm is very pretty!

pat sloan

i printed it off!! I have a sephora here .. will go in and try a few brands


I'd have to agree with CaraQuilts. MAC is pretty awesome. Other brands I like, Nars and Stila. And if your looking for natural stuff for bath and body...go with LUSH.


Everyday Minerals; the best mineral make up in 1000 colours


I follow the Makeup Divas Beauty Blog on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/TheMakeupDivas and they recently posted the winners of best make up--here's the tweet https://twitter.com/#!/TheMakeupDivas/status
/106752273497067520 (shorter url than the page the info is on--ps if you don't like bikinis, avert the eyes lol there's a pic from SHAPE mag cover on their blog) (I split the site address so it wouldn't mess up the parameters of this page, hate how links do that)

Marcia Wright

Lancome -- I like light feeling makeup that also provides coverage for my "wisdom spots".... plus most department stores will do the shade matching for you.

RE: the worrier.
I live in Hurricane prone Florida and was smack in the middle of Andrew when/where it hit. Craig Fugate was Florida's head of Emergency Management -- and now he is the head for the USA - he is really good so listen to what he says and do it! Jim Cantori (sp) on the weather channel (TV) was our local weatherman. He is also excellent and knows his stuff AND actually cares about people's well being. Listen to Jim and Stephanie Abrams.


I love Elizabeth's fabric line. So pretty.

Gail--Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy--from TLC's What Not to Wear. Their spray foundation is AWESOME. The first time in my life I don't feel like I have make up on.


MAC is the best makeup brand out there. Everything they have is really high quality. The colours are amazing, intense and just about anything you can think of they have! The Plush mascara is magic for the lashes they can give.
They also recycle their pots/tubes, bring back 6 and you get a free lipstick or eye shadow depending on the location!
Also have the Glam line which all profit are donated to their AIDS foundation.
I personally don't use anything else and have the professional case full.

pat sloan

sorry your scared Patricia! I am not... but then I live pretty far way in Washington DC

Patricia Hersl

With Rhonda. Love the way it looks, although it does itch me in the hot weather. So drop back to the Estee Lauder. Yet, I ask, what the heck are we doing?!!! There's a hurricaine coming and we need to look good? Ususally not a worrier, but I'm scared on this one.


Maybelline is still my favorite for eyeshadows, but Bare Minerals has the best powders. Their eyeshadows are pretty, but I end up with more on my counter than on myself.

Yves Rocher makes great cleansers and toners - suited to all ages/skin types. Not a big fan of their makeup though.

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