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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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Lisa Marie

White block works for me. The black seems too harsh compared to the other colors.


I say change it to white--the black is just too dark for the rest of the fabrics.
mcglen8 [at] gmail [dot] com


I like the white block and the setting!


I don't like the black block.




of course you don't keep the black block unless you want the viewers eye to always go there everytime they look at the quilt and just stop there.

Evelene Sterling

I like the white block better.

Kristin M

I like the white


I like the white block best. It fits the overall scheme of the quilt better.

Carrie P.

I am a little late for this opinion but I like the white and I see that you did it.

Nancy B from Many LA

Actually, I like them both! What a wuss! LOL!


I was away yesterday so I missed the discussion, but I do like the looks of the white block better, it just fits in with the rest of the quilt I think.


The black block is fine. It creates a nice central focal point.

Donna of Follow That Thread

Leave the black block. It was a group project and that is what she made. Unless the block is physically unusable, keep her work in. The other blocks could use a little more contrast, so perhaps pipe the blocks with black to outline them.


I guess I'm too late to vote black?!!


I'm probably leaning towards the white block but only because you only have one black block - and the quilter's name was Constance Saunders.

Linda Farley

I love the black block. Leave it in - it is something a littl quirky and all quilts need that

Christine M

I prefer the white block.

Rita Goshorn

white, please ..... too much contrast with the black block.

Pat V.

I would keep it black (of course, I liked the yellow block, obviously I am not the norm)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Change it to a white block.

Chris Dahl

Definitely the Black block! It makes the whole quilt pop! I would also use a little black in the border to tie it all together.


I love the black block. I would never do it myself, because it's too different, but that's the beauty of having different people work together - it looks great like this!

quiltmom ANNA

I love the black with any quilt- very elegant. I loved the show How to make an American quilt- I wish I could remember the character's name but she was played by the actress Kate Nelligan. It is a terrific film!4


I say leave it black. It looks good that way.

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