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Friday, June 17, 2011


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I have to join those who like to start projects but have a wee bit of a problem finishing them.


Gardening in the mud in Mn---after a few years of drought---someone wished too hard for rain---yet I am blessed--so many in the country have real problems.....


I get tired working on same project. The thrill of starting something new gets gone too quickly. So I have lots of starts & not enough finishes.


I love to start things... finishing seems to take forever!


I'm like you on the writing. I don't mind it, but sometimes I just wanna sew instead. That right there is the one reason I make "other people's patterns" sometimes (like the Farmer's Wife quilt) or something just for me . . . so I can at least sew some of the time without having to write the instructions as I go.

Mary C in WA

I love to Free-motion Quilt but get bored somedays, have to do some stitching...I never tire of making the Quilt tops. Hence the reason I have to put them on the quilt table and quilt them. It's a vicious circle!
If you're internet is down, you must be on your smart phone.


Well, I love to baste with sprayglue, and added a tutorial 2 summers ago on my blog. Take a look!


Sarah in Houston

I LOVE TO TEACH, but when it's been a long day or I dream about a bunch of talking kids who won't listen (last night's nightmare) I know it's time to cruise the internet, sew,or knit.


I love to crochet and knit, and make Comfort Shawls for the local hospital. However, they require two skeins of a specific yarn and size 13 knitting needles. By the time I get to the second skein, my hands are so tired from holding those big needles. I need to stop for a while and do something else before I can finish that second skein.

Someone made a comfort shawl for my brother before he died and it meant a lot to him. The idea that someone would like my shawl to warm them keeps me going.


I love to come to your blog every morning and read your writing. It's a jump start of the day. I think when I am machine quilting, sometimes I just get enough of it and have to walk away for a while.


I'm like Lynne, I start quilts and sewing projects and never finish them! Even ones with deadlines I am hopelessly behind... I LOVE to sew!! But I lack the discipline to finish before I get attracted by a new start.


I've got a quilt I've been hand quilting because my walking foot broke. I'm tired of this quilt - it's been sitting in my frame for a couple of weeks now. I'm yearning to start another but know I can't finish it. Sigh.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts)

I love to start a quilt but I struggle to finish any :-)


Sometimes, ironing----I mean I ABSOLUTELY LOVE pressed clothes, but I dread the 'ironing pile'....once I get into it, I'm on a roll....but until I get the energy up to start, well....sometimes the pile is a little high, I'm afraid!!! There, I said it.

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