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Saturday, February 27, 2010


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call me crazy

I vote use it too. If later on you wish you had something like it~ go shopping! :-)

Lisa Franklin

Sounds like it's perfect for the quilt. Sounds like the quilt top is calling to it trying to lure it into place as the backing.

Use it!! Think the quilt will be "a keeper" that you'll love for years!! You deserve it, so give yourself permission to use the fabric!!

Lisa in Louisiana


Pat, I am with Peggy from NJ. I have started using my pretty fabrics on the backs of quilts I'm making for myself. Here's my thinking: (a) I don't have the heart to cut it into small pieces because one of the reasons I like it so much is seeing the many colors and design in a big piece. (b) It makes me happy looking at the front of the quilt and knowing the back is pretty, too. (c) I can walk up to it and look at the back whenever I want to. (d) I love showing people the pretty back and having them be so surprised the back is as pretty as the front. I say use it. Then you have an excuse to buy more wonderful fabric you love just as much!

Stephanie in Michigan

Kathy Howard

Oh, a wall hanging is different. Though I just finished one and when I picked the backing I decided to make it a two sided wall hanging. Now I like the back better than the front. Of course, some of the could be because the front has been pinned unfinished to another wall hanging for a year and I've gotten use to seeing it.

It was my "spontaneous" quilt for my word last year.

Kathy Howard

If you have a use for it right now, other than the quilt, keep it for that project; otherwise use it for the quilt.

I bought a big piece of fabric years ago on sale (75% off), finally last year I made a quilt that needed that fabric for the backing and the back ground.

Do you have enough to use a little in the front or is it finished? Maybe applique?


I vote for use it - there is nothing wrong with having a lovely backing for a quilt!

Kaye M.

Its too pretty to use for a backing, particularly if no one is ever going to see it! I think you should take it out of your backing box and use it on the front of one of your quilts. Its a great print.


Save it! Way too nice to use for backing LOL...I do the same thing all the time!!


I vote for USE IT! I am trying to be better with my own fabric obsession and actually USE all these pieces that I love so much I don't want to cut them.

I do enjoy having a quilt back that is beautiful, too. I once used any old thing on the back, but I'm starting to use fabric on the backs that is as nice as anything on the front. My grandmas used plain muslin on the backs of theirs, because the fronts were all ACTUAL scraps from clothing, etc. I love those most of all. But then was then, and now is now.


I like the fabric, and it looks mighty familiar, but heck girlie, we'll always find another fabric that we like and buy it and hoard it...Just use it up, especially if it's for you...this way you can see it all the time and enjoy it.

I had some red and white polka dot but the dots were too big for anything I was working on so I had an old kitchen chair that had a cushion on it so I popped the cushion off, stapled the dot fabric on, and voile...I have a great cover and can enjoy the dots on a daily basis since it's at my desk and I sit at the desk alll the time.
Peggy in NJ


Okay, Pat... I say "go with your gut" on this one. Keep it and use something else.. :)


I cannot offer any help as I have the same problem. However, I am trying harder to "let go" and just use something that I keep saving because I think I shouldn't use it for a backing. I have more fabric than I can use in my lifetime, and I have realized I just have to start using it up! Otherwise, when I'm gone someone else will get to play with it!


I sometimes like the back of my quilts as much as the fronts. I'd say if it's a great match and feels like it is a part of the quilt, go ahead and use it on the back. You can always buy more fabric :)

Cheri Searles

Pat, this fabric is beautiful!!! Use it on the top of a quilt! Soon, or, if you are so inclined, send it to me...I LOVE it! LOL.


Oh Pat, just go for it! Use it for backing and picture in your mind purchasing a piece of fabric that you will love even more than this one.


It would be the backing for a bluework quilt? and it matches perfectly? then it was meant for that quilt. I'm listening to CD's of "The Secret". And I'm convinced that I bring lots of things upon my self. As far as being concerned about using up pretty fabric. . . Think abundance and you will have abundance. Besides, I'm convinced that designers and fabric companies are working 24/7 to make more irresistible fabrics that we cannot leave in the quilt shops!


Pat - do you take a V100 to quilt shows so we can try them? Would George mind another travel companion? I'd love to try one!


when in doubt - USE IT UP!!!


saveit! Piece your backing...I usually piece my binding too:)


The only way I'd put that beautiful fabric on the back of a quilt is if the quilt was going to be used on a bed and you'd get to see it now and then.

Bette G

I'm voting to use on the front of a quilt. The reason for this is that you still LOVE this fabric. Move it to the area of your stash that you have for quilt fronts, unless you use it for this quilt on the front.


Use something else. Obviously you still love the fabric too much to have it for just the back.


Pat, I'm in the gotta-purge-because-we-are-moving mode so I say use it! But it is BeAuTiFuL fabric........


Use it for the back. There will be many more fabrics in the time to come..... if it works now, use it...... then when you see something else you LOVE you can buy it to fill the space....

Use it.....

from a lady who has enough fabric for three life times..... and has never regretted using it..... just use it.....

Cindy Dailey

The wall hanging idea changes things, absolutely hold it for the front. I do tend to piece my backings for quilts. I have many that are reversable.I do the same thing with table runners and wall hangings.

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