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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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Hello - I've been out of town & had a great treat waiting for me when I returned home yesterday - my prize from the purse contents contest. Thanks so much Pat. The patterns are nice & the fabrics are delightful - I think I'll make a purse!!! With lots of pockets of course!!!

Bonnie Minor

thanks for the scraps and patterns! They arrived over the weekend here in Texas! ;) ~bonnie


Oh my, I haven't seen a skate key since I was about 10. Don't want to say how long ago that was.

pat sloan

Check out this retreat site. At the top is the events.. click... you may need to put cursor to see them as on my monitor the colors were blending.


pat sloan

Wow.. what is Altered art.. it is so many different things. I could write a whole book with examples! It is altered clothing, altered furniture, altered paper, altered books, altered jewelry, altered fiber.

One thing I read it is "Art that does NOT match your sofa".. isn't that great!

Since it cover SO MANY things I can't give you one definition. But here is a store .. check their studio and click into the albums. This is just a TEENIE TINY little PEEK at what Altered art is.

look at redlead... a stamp store..

but it is not limited to paper by any means. Go to the book store and magazine store.. look at the craft magazines until you find really funky stuff.THAT is altered art.

Art as in "it has no purpose but to be beautiful and fill our souls"

pat sloan


NOW I see your interview.......love the photos you put with it. At the risk of sounding dumb, you mentioned "altered art" and I'm not sure what that is. I guess I'll Google it to try to find info on it, but maybe you can explain it? I'm wondering if it means taking things that already exist and then changing (altering) them with your own creativity???

pat sloan

My Interview IS posted... have fun reading!!

Roni Hunt

Sure looks like a skate key!!! Love the keys too. BTW-how many of us posted about our ESSENTIALS carried in our purses? I love the blog, Pat. It is a great KEY to other things, such as the blog listed today! I've gotten many ideas from surfing from here and ordered quite a bit Amazon-style...I have the mermaid-martini and uber cupcake/cake mold to name a couple. Have a great Tuesday!

Jessica Smith

I am definitely going to check this blog out. Love the photo of the keys, fit the post perfectly.


Hi Pat -- I checked out your interview. I loved those Reader's Digest Christmas trees when I was growing up. Also loved the ones we made out of IBM computer cards that my dad used to bring home.



WOW....there are hours and HOURS of good-reading on the blog you mentioned today! I'll look forward to your interview when it's posted there. I'm sure I'll spend lots of fun time there every day. Thanks for posting about that one...hadn't seen that one before. (I think reading blogs is becoming a new part-time job for me...and I love it!!!) Someday I might learn to do a blog of my own, too....when I can figure out HOW to do it. :)


Is't the last key a skate key?

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